書中取各文明的特點並將其轉化為虛擬植物,接著藉由烹飪的步驟來表達文化之間 接觸的過程,而這些植物和餐點都被運用在一個虛擬節慶之中。此作品的視覺由插畫呈現,透過植物圖鑑進行表達,以食材的生長、運用及轉化象徵著在全球化下的文化變遷。

Culture and globalization
Globalization means that countless connections are continually being built between countries, cultures, and individuals. This project presents this exchange through the historical diversity of cuisine, creating a metaphorical representation of our multifaceted world.
The evolution of our modern-day society is very similar to that of plants, each with their own unique characteristics that adapt to the climate and their environment. Fictive vegetal ingredients are created to symbolize this phenomena and be used in the cooking process. A one-day festival also presents different activities and dedicate to the plants and the dishes.
This project visually present, through illustrations, a type of herbarium in the form of a book where the central aim is to enhance and highlight this fusion of cultures.