La Copie
la copie,在中文、日文及韓文中的寫法分別是“複製”、“コピー”與“복사”。

I asked many different people to participate this editorial projet.
The word copy, written in Chinese is “複製”, in Japanese is “コピー”, and in Korean is “복사”.
I wrote the lettering in a graphic way, and then asked a second person to copy them, finally I gave the third person the second image, etc. Each participant didn’t know the language and only saw the image once, just had to copy it in their own way. Through this copying process the images were completely transformed.

參與者 Participants:
Yu-Hsuan Wang, I-Ning Yang, Chih-Hsin Hsieh, Théophile Laborne, Jean Berthelot Kleck, Fanny Zeinoun, Gabrielle Coze, Danneels Camille, Clémentine Pleux, Luca Valente, Pascal Margulies, Marie-Claire B, Bruno, Burna Meyer, Linda Marcheluzzo, Wenyi Liu, Yee Chinn Yap, Laura Beretti, Hui-Yu Lin, Yu Hu, Jean Sebastien, Martin Bouygues, Bao Ling Chen, Shona Nozolino, Michel Cohen, Ling Lan, Grey Laurent, Jérémie Solomon.