Taipei W Hotel

台北 W Hotel 所繪製的法國餐廳牆面。
Seasons by olivier e.是米其林星級主廚Olivier Elzer所主持的餐廳,以法式手法為基底,融入台灣特色食材作為呈現。




Artwork for Taipei W Hotel.

"Seasons by Olivier E." is the restaurant of Michelin-starred chef Olivier Elzer, blending French techniques with Taiwanese ingredients.

The walls depict the journey from the source to the plate through black and white lines. Curves overlap, forming ridges, clouds, and the terraced fields of mountains.

Various unique fruits and beans merge, rooted crops with legs traverse, taro and sweet potatoes stand face to face. Giant leafy vegetable is on the mountainside, surrounded by rice, bamboo shoots, ferns, and some greens with small claws. Urban architecture, lights, signs, and night market stalls are also integrated.


Interior Design:
Ga Group